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The WKK® team has come together from various interdisciplinary specialties around the hospital to offer you the best expert knowledge.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen

Behrends, Ralf - Perfusionist
Dresel, Fiona - Perfusionist
Fiebig, Denis - Perfusionist
Kaiser, Lena - Perfusionist
Kasten, Werner - Perfusionist
Kwapil, Nicola - Perfusionist
Steger, Katrin - Perfusionist
Stöcker-Stein, Jutta - Perfusionist


Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Göktepe, Aryen - Perfusionist 
Künneken, Georg - Perfusionist
Nierkens, Jan-Philip - Perfusionist
Meister, Ulrike - Perfusionist
Raabe, Kai - Perfusionist
Schäfer, Nadja - Perfusionist
Schwarz, Kassandra - Perfusionist
Vidovic, Natalija - Perfusionist
Vinciguerra, Denis - Perfusionist
Willeby, Joshua - Perfusionist
Würsching, Falk - Perfusionist


Klinikum Fulda

Bleuel, Simon - Perfusionist
Holzer, Dietmar - Perfusionist
Ulrich, Marcus - Perfusionist
Wroblewski, Pia - Perfusionist

Klinikum Nürnberg

Besch, Andreas - Perfusionist
Buchert, Ralf - Perfusionist
König, Bernd - Perfusionist
Lundberg, David - Perfusionist
Moos, Eduard - Perfusionist

Phillips-Universität Marburg

Häußermann, Julia - Perfusionist
Leven, Matthias - Perfusionist
Loss, Dominik - Perfusionist

Zentrale WKK®

Auletta, Ersilia - Warehouse & Distribution
Krebs, Mike - General Manager
Marras, Mario - Warehouse & Distribution
Nehmert, Marina - Purchasing & Logistics
Reimund, Nicole - Bookkeeping & Personal
Werner, Sven - Project Manager
Winkelmann, Marco - Technical Service

Logistics, Resource Planning and Purchasing

  • Process analysis and reengineering
  • Feasibility studies Purchasing advisory services
  • Excellent supplier relationships across the industry
  • Implementation of customer-tailored resource planning systems 

Perfusion Service

  • Launch and establishment of perfusion service in Germany
  • Full-service contracts
  • Temporary perfusionist pool

Perfusion and Cardiology

  • Leadership as Head Perfusionist
  • European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
  • Adult, pediatric, infant and neonatal caseloads
  • Pacemaker measurement and programming
  • Scientific research